Screenwriter / Director

Polyphony - the drop excavates the stone

Polyphony derives from the Greek Πολυφωνία, meaning ‘many voices.’

This I have interpreted as the madness that circles the characters of our story, ‘the undercurrent that moves below the surface of their lives, their inner lives.’

Polyphony reveals itself in the aftermath of a series of intimate tragedies that begin to unravel dark and disturbing truths ‘in widening ripples’, in a haunting portrayal of the human psyche.

Our film is a character drama with non-linear narrative. A film of violence, loathing beauty and pain brought together in a disturbing foreshadow of dreadful secrets.

A poem in pictures - dialogue of obsessions and dreams that shine a harsh clear light into the psychological darkness of the human soul.

John Michael Mouskos